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Our Recorder Program

At Kocurek Elementary, students embark on their musical journey by learning to play the recorder in the third grade. This musical education continues into the second quarter for students in grades 3rd through 5th. During this time, the focus is on developing and refining their recorder skills.


In the remaining two quarters, the school employs a unique program called Recorder Karate to showcase the progress of the students. To earn a "belt" (or bead), students must successfully perform a different song for each level. These levels progressively become more challenging, encouraging students to continually improve their musical abilities.


It's a requirement for each student to achieve at least one belt in each of the second, third, and fourth quarters of the school year. To facilitate this, Mr. VandeWalle, the music teacher, allocates dedicated class time for Recorder Karate testing. Furthermore, students who wish to go above and beyond can come to the music room for testing before or after school.


For parents and guardians, recorders are typically ordered through the music department at the beginning of the fall semester. The recorders selected are among the best student models available, emphasizing the importance of learning on a quality instrument. This approach not only enhances the students' enjoyment of music but also contributes to their overall success in learning to play and read music.


If there are any questions or concerns about the recorder program or the progress of a student, Mr. VandeWalle is the designated contact person and is available to address any inquiries. This comprehensive approach to music education provides students with a structured and enjoyable way to develop their musical talents.

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