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Moving Forward with Reunion (Update)

Calling all former Koala Choir members!

Based on current signup results we can confidently say that we are going forward with our reunion projects. We are planning two projects to celebrate the 40th anniversary of our school. Whether you can join in person or virtually, everyone is welcome to participate. We invite ALL former choir members to join us—the more, the merrier!

PART ONE: The School Song

This part involves a virtual rendition of our school song. Participants will receive detailed instructions upon sign-up. The concept is to create a video performance of our school song from any location. While coordinating this project demands considerable effort, the individual time commitment is relatively minimal. Our goal is to have the video ready for viewing at the beginning of the 2025-2026 school year.

PART TWO: A Concert Performance

This part entails an in-person performance, scheduled for May 2026. The performance will feature a collaborative effort between former choir members and current elementary choir members, showcasing a selected song. Learning the song and music will be straightforward, with materials distributed well in advance. Although a rehearsal prior to the concert is yet to be confirmed, efforts will be made to accommodate those who can attend. Even if you cannot attend a rehearsal, should one be planned, you can still participate. Attendance at the concert itself is, understandably, the most important part.

Early planning is essential to ensure adequate distribution of information. Given the challenge of obtaining contact details spanning nearly two decades, assistance in reaching out to former choir members would be greatly appreciated.

Share this information out to everyone. The more the merrier. Below is a link to sign up so that I can gauge the interest and determine if we have the numbers to pull off what I have envisioned.

If you have any questions about this project, please feel free to contact me. I am looking forward to wherever this may go and am hopeful that we can all reunite for a special performance.



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