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New Website and Social Media

This summer, significant changes have occurred in the communication platforms for Kocurek's music classes. New channels for communication have been introduced, alongside the redesign of the music class website. Recognizing the diversity of preferred platforms among families and friends, I have diversified our communication avenues, aiming to reach as many individuals as possible.

Previously, a social media account was established on Facebook ( Now, additional features have been incorporated, including a dedicated Facebook Group ( connecting all choir students, families, and friends, irrespective of their association period with Kocurek. All photos and videos from past programs have been uploaded to this group for viewing pleasure. Similarly, videos are available on our YouTube channel, "Mr. Van's Class," ( featuring previously shared content as well as our Teacher "Welcome Back" videos and more.

Furthermore, we have launched an Instagram page, with content gradually being added. This platform is now accessible for viewing, following, and enjoyment.

The ultimate goal I aim to achieve is to foster a learning community where everyone remains informed and connected with current events, adequately prepared for future events, and able to reminisce about past musical experiences at Kocurek.

While you're here on this website, please take a moment to explore and click on some links. The new website has been enhanced to include a calendar, informational pages, event pictures, links to all social media platforms, and ways to contact me anytime you need to. If there's anything you believe would be exceptionally useful on our social media platforms or website, please feel free to share. While I can't guarantee it can be implemented, I'm keen on knowing what our families and friends would like to see.



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