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Virtual Performance Guidelines

This collaboration will hopefully allow us to experience a unique performance together to celebrate our school song as well as Kocurek's 40th Anniversary!  I hope this page will offer you everything you need in order to participate in this project.  Please do not hesitate to reach out and ask any questions you may have.

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Preparation Notes

Before you begin, take a moment to read over the following preparation notes.

  • Recording should be done in a quiet room.  Avoid recording outside so you do not have wind sounds, cars passing by, etc.

  • USE HEADPHONES!  You need to listen to the guide video (or audio track) while you record.  This helps with making sure we are all in sync when I start the editing process.  Without headphones you cannot guarantee you are singing in the correct key or tempo.  You can use headphones with a microphone if you choose to do so. I suggest leaving one earbud in (or headphone side on) and leaving the other out.  This will allow you to hear the music AND hear your own voice.  

  • When you start the recording allow the "beep"  at the beginning play before plugging in your headphones.  This will help me line up all of the audio and drastically help my editing.

  • Make sure when you record the video that you give a couple seconds after the is over before you stop the recording in case I need more transition time.

  • Make sure to have a shot that features YOU!  For example, a shot from the ribcage (without chopping the top of your head off) will provide a good shot of your face.  Although this is a guideline, it is important that we see YOU! Film in either landscape or portrait long as you are the main focus.

  • Make sure that the brightest light source in the room is in FRONT of you to avoid any spooky shadow people in the video.  Lighting in front of you also helps the clarity of the shot.

  • Be mindful of the background that will be in the video. Keep it simple and free of too much clutter.

  • Most importantly, make sure to look ENGAGED throughout the video recording. 

  • For current AISD students, I will provide instructions on how to accomplish this through the BLEND course if you find that method easier.  You can, however, use this site and upload link if you choose to do so.  The method you choose is up to you.

  • If you use a laptop/Chromebook you can use the webcam and guide track at the same time.  If you need to use a mobile device such as a tablet or phone you will probably need two devices.  One to listen with and one to record with.

Here is a video tutorial that may help explain the basics of the process.  Plese contact me with any questions. This process is simple but it can bring about questions.  I am always available to help with the process.

Song Notes

There are three sections to our school song and it follows ABA Form.  The beginning and ending sections should be sung, obviously.  For the purposes of this video clapping.  

The instrumental section in the middle can be done differently in this virtual format.  Have fun with it.  Stay enagaged throughout the entire song.  

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