A group of advanced recorder players learn to swing and improvise!

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About Our Recorder Program

Students at Kocurek will begin playing the recorder in third grade. In the second quarter, students in grades 3rd-5th grade will spend time learning and reviewing recorder skills. In the remaining two quarters, we will use Recorder Karate to show our progress. To receive a belt (bead), students will be required to successfully perform a different song for each level. As they earn new belts, the songs will get more difficult. Each student is required to earn at least one belt in each of the second, third, and fourth quarters of the school year. Mr. VandeWalle will designate some class time to recorder karate testing. Students can also come to the music room for testing before or after school if they wish. Please contact Mr. VandeWalle  if you have any questions.


Students can now practice with the exact same accompaniment that is used in the music class room.    The accompaniments are located online at MusicK8.com.  To go to the Recorder Karate Dojo click HERE.   You will need the username and password to enter the site.  All Kocurek students can receive this information from Mr. VandeWalle.


Recorders are ordered through the music department in beginning of the fall semester.  The recorders we order are some of the best student models on the market.  Learning to play and read music can be challenging.  Learning to do this on a quality instrument increases students' enjoyment and success.

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