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Kindergarten through fifth grade students at Kocurek Elementary School attend the Essential Areas classes (Music, Art and PE) on a three day rotation (day one is music, day two is art, day three is PE and then it repeats).    These classes are taught by a qualified, state certified specialists in each content area.  On average student will attend music, art and PE a total of sixty rotations during any given school year.  This breaks down to  fifteen rotations per grading period.


Our general music classes cover a variety of topics and learning objectives from singing and playing instruments to reading and writing music.  Students also spend time learning about music history though the Music Memory curriculum.



Music belongs to everyone. For centuries people have sung and played instruments, told stories, shared news and preserved important events. Although the preservation of our musical heritage began as an aural tradition, in the twentieth century the teaching of music and related subject matter had begun to be relegated to the classroom. It is a natural activity for young children to sing and to create with free play and movement. These activities must be encouraged to help our society become musically literate.


A small percentage of students will become professional musicians. Our goal is not to produce musicians and performers. Our goal is simply to educate our students in the field of music so that they will become intelligent consumers. By being immersed in the elements of music, the learner will naturally become a more discerning listener.


As a result of the involvement in music education, the following non-musical effects may be achieved:

1. a building of self-esteem through successful experiences during the music lesson

2. an establishment of higher levels of thinking

3. creativity and self-expression

4. development of large and small motor skills, hand-eye coordination and aural skills

5. an acceptable level of social interaction in a classroom environment


Our goal is to provide a complete music education environment that will offer an ongoing source of enjoyment which will enhance each student's quality of life.


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